13 March 2012



After one hell of a long week, alot of money and constantly F5ing the parcel force parcel tracker website...it is here!

The real work starts now...It's all about Flash!

Ironically, it's photoshop i will be using first... to colour in my Ultimate Image!
This is without a doubt the best thing i have ever bought in my life. I just can't get over how fine, quick and sexually this bit of graphic tablet is!

Best start 'Tiqin'...thats right, "Tiqqing"

....it's gonna be a thing!

1 comment:

  1. GETTING ROBBED, WHAT?! Of course you started in photoshop... You always start with the best Adobe program ;)

    Glad it got there safe brother, I THINK I MAY BE AT YOURS FOR THE NEXT YEAR AND A HALF?!