29 January 2012

Marshmallow Animation Test

I'm absolutly sick to death of doin the 20 or so backgrounds for my film, so decided to take a break and quickly animate an ickle test of one of my main characters...The Marshmallow!

Backgrounds will be up soon, and an animatic to follow...Watch This Space!

24 January 2012

Business Cards

During the course of our animation business lessons, part of our brief is to create business cards and letter heads.

Really enjoyed the business card design process and cant wait to get them printed...

A few Designs....

And the final Design...

Also, my Letter head design...

Expression Sheets

 One of my favourite tasks during pre-production. I absolutely love exploring the the different facial expressions...I may have done too many!?

Heres expression sheets for both main characters!

19 January 2012

Graham's Birthday - 50 Picasso's

Graham (picasso) Griffiths is the big Five O. In celebration of his birthday...past, present students and colleages got together to produce 50 drawings/illusrations of the man himself. As a current student i was pleased to get involved. Here he is...
The rest is luckily online...Enjoy!


Model Sheets

Final Model Sheets for the two main characters from my 3rd year film... After a long, long time the characters are finally coming to life.

Character Develop-don't

Too many character designs...I took a too much time developing the two characters for my film. Which now has a title... Mallow.