27 March 2012

'Don't' goes to Spain...and i go to Italy!

Big News...

It looks like i will going abroad 3 times in the space of 4 months.

1st stop is the Madimation Animation Festival in Madrid, Spain.
I've been short listed for the festival with my 2nd year film 'Don't' along with ex-student Tom Lucas for his 3rd year film 'Botanical Nightmare.'
Check out his blog and awesome film here... http://tw-lucas.blogspot.co.uk/

Our names are somewhere in this large list...

We are the only two British animators in the competiton, so were flying the flag for our nation in sunny Spain. I'm definatly going to attend as i'm an animation festival virgin and my film will be shown!! Can't miss it, even if it is the week before final hand in.

In other news...

I have also signed up for the Erasmus Inform Animation project in Sardinia, Italy.

It's a 2-3 week intensive programme to create informative animation, with fellow students from all over europe. 5 of us from the Atrium will attend, and it sounds bloody great so far.

Roll on the Sun!

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