13 November 2011

Red Bull Canimation

So another animation competition has popped up online, so during reading week i decided to bang out a little funny one for guys over at Red Bull!

I had an idea of a fish getting accidently hyper on energy drink and going a little crazy!
As i only had a week i wanted to keep it simple with limited colour and a nice overall polished design!

The winner (in my category) will get a few months internship at 12foot6 animation studio in London.

Here's the finished piece. . . . . .

Red Bull Fish from Jason Petherick on Vimeo.

Entry for 2D Drawn Category for Red Bull Canimation.

Fish gets Hyper after drinking some Red Bull.

Milkshake Cat!

In uni i saw a poster wanting flash animators and immediatly inquired...

It was for a website http://asittingduck.com/

and Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/asittingducktv

of the infamous Candy the Magic Dinosaur!

After David Edwards saw my 'I Want Water' Hamster Animation he wanted me to create a looping animation of a random cute cat! I said no worries and got to work!

After he came up with the random concept, i designed items and characters, and the final outcome came out just as planned but with a massive veiwing rate on youtube that keeps growing day by day.


Pre Production has started on our final film.

Basic outline plot so far is a lonely boy on his birthday and no one attends.
So his imagination run wild and he fantasises about a marshmallow transforming into a massive jolly being, but as they play together the boy becomes increasingly irratated with it and realizes he's better off alone.

Here are some initial character designs...

30 October 2011

'Don't...' The Game

Back again in Glamorgan for another year of animation...and seriously can't wait to do something worth while rather than stock shelves in a crappy store while is 1000 degrees outside!

After last years glammies, some guys from 'Chaos Trend' (a games developers) saw my animation and wanted to design a game around my character and animation.

Don't... from Jason Petherick on Vimeo.

2nd Year 2d Animation Short.

A Rabbit Never Learns His Lesson

Ofcourse i jumped at the chance and went into production...
Unfortunatly due to apple seeing the game as 'realistic crulty to animals' a few changes needed to be made so instead of my character getting killed, it was my character doing the killing...on a crash test dummy!

Shame that this was what to become of the game but the guys at http://www.chaostrend.com/ did a fantstic job on making a completly free and fun game for all to enjoy.

It can be found here...

or...just a simply search of 'Weapon Test' on an touch screen phone or ipad will do!

25 October 2011

Flash Specialist 'I Want Water'

First project back and it's a 3 Week Flash Specialist Project.

The breif is to explore the tools and effects of the flash interface and literally animate what ever you want!

I always had the idea of using a hamster character in an animation, and now was the time!

Character Designs


Model Sheet

and Finally...