30 October 2011

'Don't...' The Game

Back again in Glamorgan for another year of animation...and seriously can't wait to do something worth while rather than stock shelves in a crappy store while is 1000 degrees outside!

After last years glammies, some guys from 'Chaos Trend' (a games developers) saw my animation and wanted to design a game around my character and animation.

Don't... from Jason Petherick on Vimeo.

2nd Year 2d Animation Short.

A Rabbit Never Learns His Lesson

Ofcourse i jumped at the chance and went into production...
Unfortunatly due to apple seeing the game as 'realistic crulty to animals' a few changes needed to be made so instead of my character getting killed, it was my character doing the killing...on a crash test dummy!

Shame that this was what to become of the game but the guys at http://www.chaostrend.com/ did a fantstic job on making a completly free and fun game for all to enjoy.

It can be found here...

or...just a simply search of 'Weapon Test' on an touch screen phone or ipad will do!

25 October 2011

Flash Specialist 'I Want Water'

First project back and it's a 3 Week Flash Specialist Project.

The breif is to explore the tools and effects of the flash interface and literally animate what ever you want!

I always had the idea of using a hamster character in an animation, and now was the time!

Character Designs


Model Sheet

and Finally...