9 February 2012

Mallow is DEAD!

My film is dead, 'Mallow' is no more!

After completing pre-production; work on the Layouts began and i really wasn't feeling it. On review i just did not have confidence in my film as a whole.
The story was lacking some what, the character design was ok, but in all i took on too much work and didn't get any of the art guys to collab with on backgrounds.

The passion and drive i had last year for my film was nowhere to be seen this time round.
I'm an animator! Not a designer! I want to make things come alive! We live and learn!

What now?
The answer...a showreel. Already i'm excited to be doing something different that focuses on the hardcore fundamentals of animation. At the end i wanted some quality animation out of my third year...quality animation i'm certainly capable of... and a showreel can show that!

So i already have many exciting things lined up...not just with my own work but with others in the collabrative projects we have to do. I'm very excited to get work on some films by my good friends...one even doing some really cool 2D stuff in a stop motion film.

I know i have made the right choice for the rest of this final year, and already i'm more happy to be working on a variety of different styles of animation, not just my own but others, and i will update my fine blog very, very soon!


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